International Strategic Consulting

Strategic advice and support to German and international trade and services companies, which want to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

Our primary focus


  • Germany and German speaking countries
  • France
  • England



  • Luxury, fashion and cosmetics
  • French wines, champagne and gourmet food
  • Financial services
  • Consultancy


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers, purchase/sale of enterprises, joint ventures

  • Search/selection of the suitable partner(s).
  • When selling a company , outsourcing of the pension liabilities to enable the seller(s) to gain best possible negotiating position.
  • Strategic positioning of newly acquired companies in the market. Evaluation and if required reframing of the business model. Growth strategies.


Market entry and/or Business Development

  • Strategies/concepts for market entry and penetration.
  • Creation and development of strategic alliances.
  • Strategies and business development concepts for the acquisition and servicing of sophisticated target groups and markets (B2B & B2C).
  • Search/selection of partners, importers, joint venture partners, acquisition targets.
  • Search for investors and investing partners.



  • Evaluation and if required reframing of the business model, review of the business plan.
  • Search for investors and investing partners .
  • Growth and exit strategies.